Time flies

Sometimes you prepare an entry only to not be quite yet finished and save as a draft. Then you realize several days later you never posted it. This is one of those times. I wrote most of the following on Sunday, but am just now getting around to finishing it up. So, enjoy, and I’ll talk to you again at the end in present day.

<From Sunday>

I had a bit of an unexpected reprieve from fatherhood last night, so I was able to spend even more time in the shop than I expected. I had a decent amount of time during the afternoon, then spent until almost 10pm in the shop. The lights in the shop are really good, and perhaps one or two more would be perfect.

So, some recap on what I did. I grabbed an external outlet cover from Lowe’s on Friday, a low profile one. I decided to install it near the door on the front wall for maximum versatility. I marked where I wanted it, drilled a hole with the forstner bit and did the same on the inside. I simply pushed the female end of the extension cord through the wall. It was a bit harder to do than just that, but that was the end result. I then hooked it back up to the reel for now. I’ll eventually figure everything out how it needs to be hooked up on a more permanent basis. I don’t know if I’ll have both cords go in the same location, or one on each side of the door.

After that was done it was time to get the interior in a bit better order. The clamp racks went back up, the plane till moved over a bit, got the vac hose hanger set back up, stuff like that. What I need to do is see where I ultimately want the electronics to go, and if I want them still around the workbench. That might determine the power strip problem.

I nearly had a saw blade fall on my head while I was putting the power cord through the wall. I don’t know how it didn’t, it got deflected by the other cord reel on the door. That would have hurt. Those blades really have to stop being on the door.

That’s all I can think of for now.

<present day>

I’ve included pictures from the old Nikon to see how well they display on screen. It would probably be a good idea to pick up another CF card if these are good enough to exchange out when I need to process pics – these aren’t really processed, just grabbed the JPGs and threw them up. I should look at the RAWs next time.

I looked at the miter saw cart again last time I was out (Saturday – I didn’t feel well Sunday) and realized I don’t need to build a new stand for it to go on the wall. It is perfect just to cut strategically and modify it slightly to hang on a cleat. I’ll cut the sides at an angle to help clear the planer cart, and a bit more material on the back to help clear the back of the saw, and mount it on the cleat. Most likely I will secure the cleat well, hand the stand on the cleat, then also secure that to the wall with long screws in the studs. It should be enough to support the nearly 90 pound saw and a bit of stock. With the planer cart underneath, the small bucket vac (if I go that route) will have to be mounted on the wall above. We’ll see. Perhaps I can put it in the rafters, since even at five gallons wouldn’t have to be emptied regularly. Now that I typed that, I like that idea and will pursue it.

So while I have a couple other things on my mind, I’ll get this posted and worry about those things in the next post. I will say that these pictures are before the events on Saturday. I took some pictures Saturday night with my phone, so perhaps those will go up next or I’ll take new ones with the Nikon


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