Time off

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Had a lot going on, including the opportunity to pick up some extra hours at work. Unfortunately, Georgia gives you the nice birthday present of paying for your car registration, so the OT hours were nice. But enough of that.

Since I basically finished the planer cart, I’ve been doing some thinking and some planning. I’ve got a pretty good setup as it is now, but it could use some improvement. I live my miter saw station, but it’s very unwieldy. I like my planer cart, but it’s not fantastic. I like my router table, but…actually, I don’t. I didn’t do it properly at all and it’s not worth trying to fix.

So, I’ve figured out what I’d like to call the ‘Grand Plan.’ Or, as close to it as one could call it. The interior walls and ceiling need to be replaced, and in the course of doing so, more electrical boxes need to be added. I figure three will do, and the lighting will be run on a completely separate circuit. I’d like to add an inlet inside the door to receive the extension cord, thereby making anything hooked into the wall immediately accessible. All of this, however, is of no pressing need. Further, the outside of the shop needs to be cleared of debris on the front and side, something that should start progressing slowly beginning at the end of August.

Of more immediate concern is the working space of the shop. There’s not a ton in there now, and usability remains a concern. This is why a long-term plan needs to be in place and I need to stop making items that I’m just going to redo later. I wanted the planer cart, the table saw and the drill press cart to all interact, but that’s problematic. For one, I need to get multiple things to be exactly the same height. And with the planer revolving, it’s not. I also have to make my tables very tall to have the carts fit underneath. While that’s great for the back, it’s probably not practical.

So, the plan is to incorporate a few features of one neat workstation into the plans, and avail myself to its advantages while increasing my floor space. The workstation is called the Ultimate Tool Stand, and can be found here.

As for how I’m going to adapt that plan, and what I’ve done to the router table, I guess that will be the next entry.

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