Tool cabinets – idea phase

Now that I’m headed down the slope slowly, I think it’s finally time to get serious about two cabinets for the shop – a plane till and a saw till.

The saw till isn’t strictly a cabinet, but a repository for my saws that don’t take up a lot of room and I can select one easily. There’s a bit of guesswork involved, because I want a fair number of saws I don’t currently have. Can be worked with because Lee Valley does a good job of putting dimensions on their website.

The plane till isn’t strictly going to be for planes. As such, it’s better to be described as a hand tool cabinet. I want to keep squares, my precise measuring tools, scrapers, etc in there. Since I don’t have a lot of that, I’m going to have to use a lot of assumptions about what I want, and how I want it arranged.

We’ll start with the latter first. I know I want room for 6-8 planes, with two spots for a #6 or larger, at least 22″ long. I want to store these planes on a slight incline, vertically. I will use bottom clips and rare earth magnets to secure them. I want room for a couple of spokeshaves and a scraper set here. On the doors I want to store two sets of six chisels on one side, and my files/rasps on the other with some room for carving tools I’ll eventually get.

Now we’ll have to see if we have room for squares of a few sizes and configurations. Also, a couple of smaller planes for more detailed work. I’ll be doing some measuring and looking while I’m out tomorrow and see what I come up with. Now that I have my #3 and #4 in hand, I can do a bit better job of laying this out.

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