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As I alluded to way too early this morning, I thought I might get some work in on the ceiling. Well, that might be a bit of an understatement. I thought I might be able to pull down a couple of panels, but I got fully 2/3rds of the ceiling panels down plus a decent amount of the hardwood planks that they used to nail the 1/4″ ply to. The entire place seems so much bigger now, even though I’ll be adding OSB back to reconstitute the ceiling.

The insulation is/was attached directly to the roof, and I should probably replace it. A lot has fallen down and that has to impact how hot and cold the space gets. I will have to look at what the cost of completely replacing the insulation will be. I’m getting a lot closer to being done with the interior, structure-wise. Two more ceiling panels, two more wall panels and a bunch of OSB. Nice.

Nearly the entire yard is also clear of debris, which I’m really pleased with. The shop also is back to a respectable condition as well, even with all of today’s work. There’s still the storage aspect I will be working on, but the shop is in a good state going forward. I may get an hour or two in there tomorrow afternoon to do some pondering, but I don’t know if I have anything concrete planned. Everything is back nearly where it should be; in fact the workbench is as clean as I can remember. I may try to redo the table saw dust collection, since I bought a replacement tube.





I filled two truck beds worth of trash. Impressive.

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