Trip Like I Do (over stuff)

A little play on the title of the song here.

WordPress/My Host limits files to 2MB, so it’s a pain trying to do a header image anymore. I never used to have this issue, but for some reason I do lately. If you want to be first to see pictures, and in a bit better format, hit up one of the icons to the top right.

Here is the current state of the shop:

Almost back to normal. As you can see, the back wall had to be almost entirely redone. I’m still sorting things out, and there are still LEGO drawers sitting on my table saw, under that slab of mahogany. Two slabs, actually.

All in all, not much damage occurred. Just lost a few hours worth of work, and a Steelers T-shirt. It looks like I made a new home for the drill press, so once I replace my T-shirt I can call this a net win. Just like with the general state of the shop though, it still has issues. I can’t really make a drill press table like I had hoped to one day. Not one that would stay on the drill, anyway. All of the other issues about being in a small shop also persist.

Not entirely sure what the plan for today is. (EDIT – it is now Friday, so I did absolutely nothing) I bought a short extension cord with a three outlet tap from Home Depot this morning. The plan would be to hook the drill press, miter saw and jointer/air compressor up to it to run on the main extension cord. I would then use the entirety of the now-empty power strip and run all the electronics on it on the smaller line.

There are some details to work out, like being able to put the battery chargers on a timer or something, so if there are days I don’t get out there, the batteries stay topped up. I also just bought a refurbished Chrome OS desktop, that I have plans for going into the shop. Have to see how big it is, but it would be nice to get the tablet out. It’s old, and I’m not sure exactly how useful it is. Perhaps let the kids mess around with it. (That is, if it doesn’t get canceled)


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