Two Weeks In

It’s been two weeks since I’ve started to change my daily way of life. It hasn’t been life-changing (yet), but it has led to some positive results so far.

I’ve found a couple of different cafes that I can do some work in and get a different atmosphere (and I’m writing this at one right now). The mornings out have done me a lot of good, I find myself sleeping better on those nights in general. It’s not a 1:1 on the result, but it’s good enough where I can assign it some responsibility. There’s one shop I hit up on Monday mornings and get a nice breakfast bowl and a table to work my weekly productivity reports. There’s another one that is a bit more laid back that serves scones, but much less work surfaces. So that’s more of a laptop on lap scenario, but the chairs are a slight bit more comfortable. I do find myself a bit more open to being around people, especially since I don’t really have to interact with them. I also like seeing outside in relative comfort, I like seeing people move about in an urban environment.

Speaking of chairs, I picked up a used Morris-style chair to lounge in and give a different atmosphere at home, too. Portable gaming, reading, work…anything I need to change my outlook. It’s there for my wife to use as well, unfortunately I haven’t found room for it in our bedroom. The cushions need a bit more cushion, and I will have to evaluate how to change that. Maybe some batting in addition to what is there.

Cleaning up my work space has been a bit of a mixed bag, I can’t seem to really close the deal. I moved some stuff around to get better airflow in the bedroom, which means now the Xbox fridge is on my desk. That means that surface needs to be cleaner to actually open it. Maybe I’ll work on that today.

I sold about 30 games and a bit less movies, which allowed me to pick up a Switch Lite for more portable gaming. It’s awesome with the right case, and pretty comfy. I have to admit I really changed my mind on this one. It’s okay to change your mind with new information. It’s good, in fact. I have almost all my games available on it, since I’ve gone in so heavily on digital. It really makes sense on the Switch. More game and movie sales will come, this is just the initial batch. I really am committed to reducing the amount of stuff I have.

I am a lit annoyed at work right now, having to continually fill in for other people. It really does impact how well I can manage my tasks and stay on top. I just have to keep my eyes on the prize, though, and that’s getting into a good position to change my wider environment.

I am also feeling the beginnings of an itch to get back into the shop, even if it’s just to clean up a bit. I still need to list the lathe for sale, and I should clean up so I can even get to it. Also in that clean up, I need to move some tools back into the shop. I made a commitment to reduce my tool footprint inside the house, it’s a bit of a mess. I should sit down and write out what I actually need in the house to be convenient.

Things are moving slowly, but that’s okay because I gave myself lots of time. Change doesn’t happen overnight, and it takes a while to get used to it and develop better habits. In the next few weeks I also hope to address some stuff related to our crawlspace – getting rid of old electronics, moving some camping bins down there, and possibly running some ethernet cable to the living room.

The thing that has been the most fleeting is how to consistently get good exercise, both for myself and the dogs. It’s been too rainy or too hot to take them out to the park, and I haven’t been great about getting to the gym with also getting my occasional morning out. Things may settle down once the kids go back to school next week. I need to be proactive about scheduling exercise time.

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