Unworthy tools

I have a good post for you to follow up on the last one. It just so happened that I had been thinking about getting the Ryobi One+ pruning saw, basically a one-handed, shorter reciprocating saw. I’ve got a few trees that lose limbs on a consistent basis, plus some scrap in trash cans that need to be dealt with. I thought perhaps if I bought one of these it would not only give me the inspiration, but ability to deal with this on a quicker basis.

I was wrong.

It hardly cuts anything, and it certainly doesn’t do it quickly. Perhaps it’s intended for lighter use than I was expecting, but I would have hoped it would have taken care of a 2″ branch or 2×4 with relative ease. As it is, it’s not suited for the task. Perhaps the blade travel needs to be longer. Perhaps, while marketed as a one-hand tool, it really isn’t. Since I already have a full recip saw, I didn’t see the need in duplication. If it won’t perform better than the recip with one hand, I didn’t need it. I certainly can find a better use for $40, and at the speed and vibration I was getting from this tool, I’d rather use a bow saw and do it manually.


Sorry Ryobi. I love you, and you make some severely underrated tools, but this isn’t one of them. The plastic packing materials were disappointing as well.

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