Upcoming plans

Here’s a little bit of an update going into the weekend here. I’m hoping to pick up one or two sheets of ¾” white birch ply and a matching sheet of ¼”. The ¼” will provide the panel for the second pantry door. The rails and stiles for the door are already cut and have a groove in them awaiting the panel. The rails have also had their tongue cut for insertion into the stiles. All I have to do is make sure of my measurements for the door already done, and I can use that as a basis for how wide this door needs to be. If only I had made the pantry perfectly square, but such is life.
The ¾” ply is more of an opportunity buy. I have to bring the trailer out there for the ¼”, so I might as well stock up a bit. I do have some plans for it, though. It will just depend on how soon I can get to it, but I will probably at least cut the pieces I need for easier storage.
One thing I’d like to do is (probably) redo the carcass of my router table. I screwed up and didn’t realize how hard it would be to retroactively insert shelving or drawers. I’m going to measure what I think I need tonight and have a cut list ready for when I’m able. As far as mistakes go, it’s not a huge one. $30 gets me a full sheet of ply to redo it, and as long as I plan ahead, I should be able to burn through this project pretty quickly.
And I think that last bit is going to help me out in the shop tremendously. I need to do a bit better planning ahead when I’m not out there to get more done in there when I am. A well-conceived plan and order of work will cut down on the time it takes to get things done tremendously. I need to learn to either go by plans alone (which I am amassing), or go out, measure, draw, and go measure again, adjust, then just build the damn thing.
The other project I have in mind immediately for the ply is a storage cabinet. I’d like to make a spot for all of my drill stuff, and possibly my socket set case and my planer case. Possibly a spot for the plate joiner as well. Have to see what kind of dimensions I am looking at, and I’ll know more what I’m looking at on Sunday. The idea is to possibly get rid of the plastic shelving in the shop, as I don’t think I need two. I’m sure I will still have a use for it somewhere, or if need be, the metal one could come inside the house (it won’t be going outside, for obvious reasons). It’s a good set of shelves, and has served me well. But I may have to use them elsewhere. Also, I’m going to try and move the sealed Christmas bins to under the house. Might as well, right?
Looking ahead, there is a few more things lined up on the sawdust schedule. Paint is going to be going up on the walls inside the domicile, and with that I am going to make a border for our chalkboard and message area. The materials were purchased a few weeks ago, and I’m just waiting for paint to go up before I make it. If the vision in my head resembles what actually comes forth, I think it will look rather good. And I’ll be rather pleased with myself.
Slightly related, the LOML has suggested bench seating at our kitchen table. I have a vision of benches with storage slots underneath, along with a half-height wainscoting, and possibly a bookcase or two. This will happen after I move our computer to the built-in desk in our extended kitchen and make everything look pretty by wiring through the wall. The existing bookcase will go back into the living room, and the Ikea Mikael desk will go to a loving home elsewhere. I don’t know if that will be done before or after I finish my wife’s Christmas present.
After that, I’m hoping to still have time to complete the birthday present I should have started on awhile back. I don’t know if I’ll be able to finish it in time. And no, I’m not telling whose birthday, either.
Another project that I want to tackle is getting the front of the shed leveled out. I’ll need help with that, if anyone wants to volunteer.

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