Upcoming shop projects

While I’m in a posting mood, I might as well put down what I’m looking to do since my tool purchasing is going on a hiatus (more on that next time). More organizational and layout stuff than anything. Perhaps starting small is the wise thing.

I have a few loose items lying around that really don’t have a home, or have a poor, temporary home. First thing is to figure out where these things go, so the larger projects have a home.

I have a few cans of paint and like-sized things that need a home. I was thinking a shallow bookshelf, but don’t have anything sorted out yet. All I know is the area behind my drill press needs help. Also behind there is my mobile miter platform, I’m debating keeping it or scuttling it. Those two problems solved, and that section will be done.

Moving along that wall, I need to finish the drawers in the miter saw cabinet. That should be the extent for small storage for the foreseeable future. On the upper cabinet, I need to make doors with dry erase inserts for random thoughts or measurements. Dust collection for the miter saw is a must.

My work table has been a warrior, but I need a new work surface that’s dead on flat and has bench dog capacity. A cabinetmakers workbench is in order, or a least the style. The footprint will have to stay equal. I have two bins underneath that will leave, but will have to figure out a plan for the spare shop vac. The French cleats above will stay, but a few of the tool holders need to be reworked.

Unknown what I will do with the sander at this point. Will stand pat for the time being. Golf clubs may be on the way out. I can consolidate bags so they can go elsewhere. Four bins are under those, but only two are related to the shop. Don’t know where those go.

The router table is going to be redone in the NYW style. Tired of it being Frankenstein. The prototype of the planer cart is going to morph into a dust separator cart, pulling double duty.

Only other things I can think of are a mobile base for the bandsaw and a more stable base and possible storage for the drill press.

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