Updated MFT clamp rack

Normally I just put stuff like this into the Bench Shavings posts, but I thought I’d go ahead and highlight.

This was my first attempt. The clamp holes on the bottom were an afterthought, as was the addition of the two Rockler knobs for the Kreg clamps to the right.

So, I went to Rockler, bought a 20mm bit (because the stops in particular were very loose with a 3/4″ bit), and had another go. The result is above, but one more time for direct comparison and explanation.

I used the Incra Rules to get me nice consistent spacing for everything, and drilled eight 20mm holes for the stops and clamps. I have room to store double of both, because I know at some point I’ll at least buy more stops, and it might make sense just to get another whole set. I also grouped the clamps and stops together for better use of the space.

I then drilled some 5/16″ holes (I think) for the knobs to fit their stems in. I drilled eight of those, once again for expansion capacity. Then it was 1/2″ holes at the bottom for the clamps to sit in. Plenty of room for expansion there, four extra spots. The quick clamps are completely awesome, and worth the price difference above the manual ones.

That’s basically it, but it’s nice to have all this completely at the ready. I reused the angled ply off the old mount, but it’s completely the wrong angle for the much longer orientation. Will have to make some new ones at around 5°. But speaking of being at the ready, I moved my wrenches/snips off the wall right there and put it at a better reach than the old ones were. Now I don’t have to lift the track up to get by and get them on the other side of the MFT.

Yet another small project that organizes and gives me small pleasure in the shop.

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