Virtual Insanity

As you view the video that inspired the title of this entry (and while being a rather good song, it’s the video itself which is brilliant), I’ll wait.

Nice, right? Well, in this entry I wanted to share some updated 2D renders of my virtual 3D workshop. Unfortunately the model has too many components to share the 3D experience online, so this is the next best thing. I’ll go through each of the angles and explain some things.

Here we have a top-down look centered over the entry door. First off, let me explain what’s different about this look versus what’s actual. First off, that Holtzapffel bench isn’t built yet. In it’s place is an old work table plus the old stand for my sander. Takes up about as much room. The drill press is still in the left front corner, and the cutoff rack is on the right. As soon as I get OSB to replace the left wall, those will be switched. The air reel is over where the drill press is pictured. The Dewalt planer isn’t in my possession yet, I’m still using the Ryobi. And the table saw is an approximation to my actual setup, the BT3000 takes the place of my actual 21829. That’s it though, plus it’s missing some finer details. Sketchup doesn’t have any downloads for ‘lots of crap.’

You can see the layout best in this render. I have space to enter, and get to the back via the little walkway between the bench and the band saw. I have room to work at any part of the cabinets or the workbench. I have room to slide the planer cart or router table (possibly) between the bench and cabinet or cabinet and band saw if I need to. It’s not the most fantastic setup, but I think it’s one of the best for this particular structure. I have a window to illuminate my bench if I have to have the doors closed.

Here you can see the view from the left wall, and the space I have for my bench walkway. The table saw can be oriented to the door for wider cuts. The drill press is most likely going to be put on wheels to work on longer pieces.

Here you get an idea of what the back right corner looks like at eye level. Under that far right overhang on the cabinet is where my sawhorses sit. Turns out it’s not the most convenient place, but it works and keeps them out of the way. The miter saw will be able to move where the planer cart is for long offcuts.

Now the view from the right wall. You can see my Craftsman chest which keeps some of my smaller items, including measuring tools. I can only guess that’s where the air compressor will sit, as I’ve yet to find a happy home for it and the air reel. Will have to see if my band saw will have to go mobile to clear the wood rack. If it does, might as well move it to where the drill press is seen.

And in this final render you can see the back left corner at eye level. You see my location for my sander. Not drawn is the socket or drill bit drawer above them (got lazy). My router table is going to be rebuilt at some point in the future, and I’ll discuss that later.

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