Vita 2000 charging stand

I love my Vita 2000, but I didn’t like the charging dock/stand that Sony put out for it. It looked entirely too lightweight for my needs. As I was searching for a different solution, the idea came to me to try the stand I modified for my phone.


It’s a perfect solution for me, even better than charging my phone. I got the idea (I think) from an XDA topic on docks for the 2014 Moto X, but I sure can’t seem to find it again. So I disassembled mine again and took some pictures for this quasi-tutorial.

What you’ll need:

  • A Moto HD Dock. The model number for mine is CSD-8109. You can find it at Amazon, eBay and I’m sure elsewhere. Pick your poison at the price level you want, but mine was $10.
  • A small Phillips screwdriver. – Computer/jeweler preferred. If you want to be really specific, I used a #0 Phillips screwdriver with a decently long shank. Bit driver not recommended.
  • About ten minutes

The dock is made for a couple of Motorola smartphones with HDMI-out capability. That means that we’ll have to remove that port in order for your Vita to sit properly and charge. It’s a very simple process. Don’t worry that all the pictures have the ports offset to the right – the big knob on top loosens the port mechanism and it can slide over to the very middle.

On the bottom of the stand there are four rubber pads. If you want to retain the pads, you’ll need to carefully peel back the corners that are oriented to the front, and outside of the stand. There is some black plastic that the rubber adheres to very well, so we’re only going to peel the rubber back just enough to try and guess where the Phillips screws are under the plastic. If I had to guess, they are a couple of mm inset from the front and outside. You can probably use your Phillips screwdriver to poke holes as I did to have the rubber still adhere well.

Front hole: 18492443962_53f59d58dd_z.jpg

Rear hole: 18310603219_5388d11ee7_z.jpg

Best part about leaving the black plastic under the rubber on is that you don’t have to remove the screws, just undo them. They’ll be ready to go back on when you are done.

When you remove the bottom of the stand, you’ll be looking like this. Note how a majority of the weight is in the bottom base.


You’ll now remove the screw you see in the dead center of the upper portion of the base there, and pry up the retention clips around that piece.

This is what the interior looks like AFTER you have taken out the HDMI board. Since I couldn’t find the original tutorial, and I did this months ago, this is as best I can do.


Going by memory, there is a board to the right of the remaining board, that has a cutout for the plastic housing. That’s the one you need to remove, as the HDMI ports for front and back are connected to it. There is a screw at the front you’ll need to undo, just to the right of where you see the black cable in the picture. Other than that, you just pry out the board and the front and rear HDMI ports, snug that last screw you took out back in, and reverse the procedure. The male HDMI (pretty sure it is micro, but you get the idea) may take a bit of fiddling to remove, but it isn’t too hard. Once you’re done you should be looking like this:


The end result is as you see up top. The big silver knob adjusts both the lateral movement of the remaining microUSB port and the back support. The microUSB port is oriented correctly for the Vita 2000 and many other devices like the 2014 Moto X. The red line does not light up, at least after this modification. As you can barely see in this pic, it does indeed charge because we’ve not modified the microUSB portion at all.


Hope you enjoy your new Vita 2000 stand.

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