¡Viva la revolución!

Nothing quite like jumping into something new and exciting with both feet, eh?

It was a bit like an avalanche, starting out with the most innocuous of ideas: do I really need a miter saw cabinet? Not just a single cabinet for the saw, but the width of one I’ve been talking about? The answer, obviously, is no. I’ve never thought it was a requirement, but always thought that if I was going to have a miter saw, might as well use at least the area to the left of it as storage. I never seriously considered a storage option that had lifting or moving wings to serve as the support and measurement feature. My theory was that I’d never have enough room to use the wings.

Then I realized, if the saw was next to the door, what would really be in the way?

Well, it certainly wouldn’t hit anything on the left side. All it would do would impair my ability to get in and out. If it was on wheels I could rotate it for nearly any length as long as it was supported, something I couldn’t do with a stationary cabinet. Wow. This seems like it might not be as bad of an idea as I previously thought.

The real question would be if it would save me any space in the shop. Well I did a quick bit of playing around in Sketchup and I was amazed by how much room I saved. Now, I must say I did not add back in the systainer storage or the vac cabinet, but there were other places the vac could go and the systainers can go anywhere. On first blush it appears I have room to add in a full MFT/3 table. That’s simply amazing.

So amazing, in fact, that I’m doing it. I’m building a new miter stand.


I’ll unveil it this weekend when the saw is mounted up, even though it probably won’t be done just yet. I’ll also be posting what I think to be the new layout once I do a bit of tweaking to see just what I can fit.

I’m very excited by what I’ve seen so far. If it turns out, things will be great.

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