Wait…OK. Hold on.

I alluded to a different miter saw stand, and I’m still moving forward with that. This isn’t that post, though. It’s about potentially finding other spots to reclaim in the name of more efficient space. One place I hadn’t really considered touching was the workbench.

Today, that changed.

There’s no progress, pictures or anything else to report because I literally just had the idea come to me. I had to take my hardware cabinet off of the wall to move my drill press. This is a small cabinet that used to be half of my planer cart, sized to hold hardware bins. It also holds a few other things, but that is the primary purpose.  There’s three in there right now, and they are full. I have one Stanley, and the other two are HF. I could probably use at least one more. The cabinet is currently sitting under my MFT, which if I could find a new home for, I could free that space back up.

The problem with my shop is that there isn’t any wall space I could use that I could easily get to. The front right corner is basically clear, but the hardest spot to get to right now. One of the reasons why I moved my battery chargers back. Thus, an idea to utilize some workbench space is born.

The idea here is to create a rectangular cabinet that will simply slide under the workbench and sit on the front and back rails. I will probably also secure with a couple of screws on the back legs if I can reach. I think I would remove the bins from the larger carry bins and use them in a drawer or two, for greater efficiency. No opening a drawer then a lid, or having to take out the bin and open it up on the workbench surface – I hate that crap. I never have space enough clear to sit it on, so why bother?

I also plan to relocate the socket drawer over here, so I keep one of the best parts about my shop. I think any other room I have would go to storing small things, and I’m leaning toward sharpening tools. I can’t have a sharpening station, so at least I should have a drawer. I don’t know how much more room I have there, I’ll have to measure this weekend and start coming up with a plan. I would guess that I’ll have to make a plywood run to build it, with the lengths and depths I am talking about. Not to mention building the drawers and dividers. I think if I’m going to add plywood to my bench, it’s all going to match. Surely I could splash out $50 and do it right instead of trying to cobble these pieces I have together. Perhaps those will go toward putting a floor in the shop attic for some additional storage.

This really doesn’t seem like a complicated project on the surface. I only have to size it where it fits between the legs and sits on the rails. The only two things I can think of where other measurements matter is to leave enough room on one side where the socket set will fit, and leave enough room between the top of the cabinet and the bottom of the bench so that the holdfasts clear and function correctly.

So I have three storage projects on deck, and I have to choose which one to tackle first. I know the workbench storage has to come before the miter saw stand, but does the workbench get an upgrade before my lathe gets put back into commission? Tough call.

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