Wants and Needs – 2020 Edition

I have often written about the material things I hope to have in my shop – wish lists. At times, they have probably come across as ungrateful for what I have, and that has never been the intention. I write posts like these to have some sort of game plan and put my thoughts to paper, as it were. These wish lists don’t always work out, and I’m sure there’s some things on my very first one that I haven’t acquired or addressed.

I addressed quite a bit of wants and needs in 2019, including a reliable bandsaw, fixing up my jointer, and buying a drum sander. There’s little that I actually need in terms of material wishes, but there’s always items or tools that I could use that would make things easier.

Hand tools is certainly where my wish list is the longest. I will always have a soft spot for Veritas hand tools, and while I did add the set of three spokeshaves around Thanksgiving, the list is barely dented. I’d love to have a cabinet absolutely full of them, and I’ll get there eventually. The biggest want currently is a block plane, as my current one is all sorts of messed up from planing plywood. I don’t know if what I see is rust, or what. I will eventually trade out all my other ones, starting with the Groz ones. Perhaps some better card scrapers, another nice saw.

I still desire more Festools, for the simple fact is that they are so good and make working enjoyable.I certainly still want a Rotex 150 to aggressively sand more than my 150/3 is probably safe to do. I’ve been staring at a dresser that needs a refinish for years, but I won’t do it without the Rotex. I desire the TS75 to rip large pieces of hardwood, it has more power and a deeper cut than my other saws. The Domino 700 is probably at the top of the list for making bigger projects like shop doors. If the smallest or biggest routers made their way into my shop, I wouldn’t complain, but they’re the lowest want.

For the first time, I think I’m pretty much set for large tools. I could use some enhancements, like a new insert for the router table, things like that. Enhancement, not replacement. If you could call a welder a big tool, that. It’s not strictly woodworking, but would benefit some woodworking projects down the road.

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