Weekend adventures

This weekend was unusual because I got to spend a lot of time in the shop. I cleaned, I threw something in frustration, and had a setback in my shop design.

Friday and a bit of Saturday I was able to do a bit of cleaning in the shop. I disposed of the Festool track package, plus the planer cardboard to recycle. I broke down the sanding half of the old planer cart and cleaned up a few other things. The result was I got a bit of my workshop space back and was inspired to try something out. It’s mostly clean in the featured image above.

I decided to give the Domino (review coming soon) it’s first real test – applying the hardwood trim to the sideboard plywood top. This is a big reason why I bought it – to do glue-ups like this. I went to town making mortises using the cross stops and thought this would be a super easy job. Not to be. The cross stops weren’t very accurate in registering the sides of the mortises, and the wood wasn’t lining up flush with the surface of the plywwod. This wasn’t good at all. After a couple of hours trying to get everything to work right, I was so frustrated I threw my Worktunes toward the open door. Unfortunately the battery side of the muffs hit the closed side of the door and broke. Some turner’s tape is holding the battery door on. Stupid, I should know better. After some advice on FOG I went back on Sunday and looked at my method. Thankfully it was a user error, as two plywood panels came together beautifully. After some tweaking to my technique I got the curly maple to line up better with the plywood. I don’t know if I can salvage the parts, but I’ll know more about that next weekend after I glue it together and trim everything up. There are some gaps to contend with that I’m going to have to try and fill.

Wrapping up Sunday I cleaned back up a bit and put a lot of things back in places. Really the only things out of place are the little bolts and screws I for some reason like to dump in front of my mortiser. Everything else looks really good right now. I should be happy, but I’m not. I feel no closer to getting this thing figured out. The latest setback is trying to figure out where dust collection is going to go and power. Why? Using the Domino has shown me I need to keep the cord and hose out of my way. Some use a boom. I tried hanging it from one spot in the ceiling, but figured out that spot wasn’t working. It was better to have it on the floor, but it was hard to avoid stepping on it. Part of that is having the separator on the other side of the shop, and not having full unfettered access to the workbench. I’m starting to get the feeling I won’t be able to get exactly what I need, but I should have figured that out months ago.

While it was 60º and sunny here today, the forecast is calling for ice and snow for this week. I should have quite a bit of time to potentially explore this latest sticking point.

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