Weekend Outlook

Time hasn’t done me many favors lately, and not much has gotten done. Where I am now is I bought a piece of Poplar to cut up and use as a face frame for the upper cabinet. My last foray into the world of face framing didn’t go too well, but I hope this goes a bit better. I need to be more precise in my cabinetmaking.

I also think I have the measurements I need to build all my drawers for the lower cabinet. I also think I have all the material for the sides, but not the bottom. Have to decide if I want to use 1/4″ ply, hardboard or 1/2″ ply.

I’m hoping I get the time I need on Sunday to get both accomplished. I’ve already laid out the cut lines on the Poplar and did some sketching on some paper for the plywood, I think I’ve got everything down. The drawer parts will be cut even though I haven’t bought the hardware yet. I think I may go ahead and order that tomorrow so it will be here for next weekend. I also saw some great plans from Marc Spagnuolo (The Wood Whisperer) for a shelving system for stock. That might go ahead next weekend, or the one after that. An outfeed table for the table saw is a priority as well.

Other than that, things are going pretty well in the shop. It’s fairly clean, and I’m going to soon have space to start working on actual non-shop products. A jewelry box and chess set are on the horizon, as are this year’s Christmas presents.

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