Weekend update – 4/9/12

As promised, we’re back to the workshop now. Since yesterday was Easter, today’s recap will be about Friday and Saturday.

Friday was a cleaning/putting around day, trying out a couple of ideas for storage. I put up a spare ladder hanger in the wall next to the door to put my headphones on. Turns out that one of the actual ladder hangers will serve decent double-duty as the glasses holder. Both are right inside the door, so they’re easy to grab as soon as I walk in or am getting ready to use the table saw or jointer. I wish I could say I did more than that, but it was just a kind of sit-in-the-shop day and think. Lovely weather, it was nice to be out there for an hour or so.

Saturday I got my batteries topped off (the little leaf blower really drains the little batteries) and spent some time building HD Kids Workshop projects with the kids. Since I had spent Friday cleaning, I had room for them to work. Only one at a time, just because I don’t want them hammering on the countertops right now. Since the youngest wanted to take his sailboat in the bath, I grabbed some Shellac and gave it a once-over. I don’t know if it will keep it protected or not, but it’s a free project and not really important.

I also made a small advancement in shop layout. I took the other set of 100lb full extension slides I had sitting around and made a pull out ‘drawer’ for the Ridgid OSS. I intended to make the hardwood trim go on three sides, but the sander was too wide for that, so I had to settle for just the one on the side. If I make a platform for it to go in one of my tool stations (I talked about that in the design post), I’ll make a handle for the rear. The table front makes a nice grip, but your natural reaction is to grab at the dust port at the rear. Being plastic, I’m worried about it breaking if I do that repeatedly. A better way to wrap the cord would be a side benefit.

I discovered I have a bit of 1/2″ ply in stock, so I could build some drawers in that far left cabinet if I know what I want to put there. Problem is, I’m not sure right now. I’ll be spending the rest of today and possibly the rest of the week deciding exactly what I need to store in drawers and where. To complete the cabinets I figure I’ll need one or two more sheets of 3/4″, and one or two sheets of 1/2″ for drawers. After that, it’s whatever I want to dress the front of the doors with, bracing for the router table cubby, and redoing the planer cart, partially. The process is slow, but it moves forward.

After the cabinets are done, I still have several walls that still need to be demoed and replaced with OSB. I’d like to replace the window, and obviously I need to replace the doors. I’m hoping to build my workbench in the fall, perhaps earlier. And then other than minor storage requirements, my workshop will be pretty much complete. It will be at that point that I’ll start looking into storage ideas for a riding mower, something I hope to get in about two years or so. I wonder if code would allow a lean-to attached to the back of the workshop…

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