Weekend Wrap

After not spending any time in the shop for four days, I spent a little bit of time for three straight out there this weekend. It was a mixed bag, unfortunately. Along with getting the left side drawers pretty much completely done (need to adjust the depth to put the faces on), I tried to get the right side up to speed. The results turned out less than stellar.

The large drawer I did on the bottom, the bottom of the drawer is about 1/4″ too narrow, and has fallen out of the groove. With holding a lot of heavy items, I’m resigned to the fact that this entire drawer will have to be redone. Also, I attempted to convert one of the older drawers to the new width by turning it sideways. It worked, except I shorted myself by about 1/2″ and had to add 1/4″ ply on both sides of the drawer to get the hardware to work correctly. And then I compounded the experience by installing it about 1/8″ too low, and it catches on the 16ga nailer. Otherwise, there’s not a thing wrong with it. Since I shorted the width, I’m going to redo this one as well. Oh well, missed it by that much. As you can see, it is mostly functional, as long as I don’t need anything in the bottom drawer. It will hold my multifunction tool and Dremel, along with accessories for both.

Functional, yes. Staying that way? No. If this were the old temporary cabinet, I probably wouldn’t bother. I’d drill out the mount for the nailer to let it sit lower and go about my business. But since this is going to be a long-term solution, I want to do it right. So I’ll sacrifice an hour or so and probably the rest of the 1/2″ ply and do it right. I should be able to do the conversion on the remaining drawer, provided I adjust my cuts accordingly. Not sure what will go in that drawer, or the other drawer above it (assuming I can only fit two more). Most likely small junky stuff.

Leaning toward a sheet of ply for the drawer fronts. I wouldn’t mind doing a glued up panel for them, but I think the ply is going to be easier, cheaper and faster. I’ll be sure to pick out a good specimen for them so it looks nice.

I created what I like to call a dado key, it’s a short board with different dados that I’ve used and explains what blades and spacers were used to make them. Should make setup times a lot shorter as I get more examples onto it. This will be hung somewhere I think, big enough hole to go over a screw head.

May or may not get out to the shop today, it’s rather windy and chilly. Not ideal conditions. Perhaps a few minutes in the afternoon to do some spot cleaning.

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