Well that escalated quickly

Man. I had a plan for today. I was going to do a couple things in the shop and it just snowballed. It all started with the idea to put the finish cabinet on the wall.

With the limited wall space I have, there wasn’t a lot of choices to put it up. I decided there was really only one option: put it over the workbench. I would figure out another option later. Much later. For this solution though, the big cabinet that has been in my shop since almost the beginning had to come down. In preparing the cabinet to come down, I mounted the paper towel roll and glove dispenser on the side of the finish cabinet. Then the cabinet came down after I had relocated enough things to make it safe. I ripped the French cleat on the table saw and the finish cabinet went up right next to the window.

My thought at this point was what to do with the big cabinet. I thought to myself, ‘self, this could go where the plane till is if you move it.’ Subsequently, as I agreed with myself, I moved the saw till over to the corner next to the finish cabinet.

Now, it is at this point where I decided on a couple of things: that I would eventually discard the big cabinet, but for now the best stop before demolition would be over to a previous position, over on the unfinished wall above the drill press. The drill press fit under it before, so no big deal. The second thing was that the actual best spot for the finish cabinet was actually in the corner where the systainer port sits. I have never really been happy with the upper portion of it, and I was thinking I could take it down and put the finish cabinet over there. The reasons for which are that I will eventually get around to making my tool cabinet, and it needs to be over my workbench. The other reason is that the finish cabinet is deeper than I thought, and could be a head injury waiting to happen leaning over the bench. It also interferes with tall projects being worked on the bench. However, that’s not a consideration for today or even this year. It will stay there until the first freezing night, which isn’t anticipated for a couple of weeks looking at the forecast.

So, back to current events. The big cabinet had to go back up on the wall. While it was mostly empty, it wasn’t completely empty. It was heavy and large no matter what. However I had always been able to hang it up by myself. I would say that it would have been much easier if I hadn’t misremembered about the drill press – the big cabinet wasn’t over it previously, it was a shorter cabinet. Hilariousness ensued having it hoisted up over my head trying to clear a drill press that it could never accomplish the task. I was holding it against the wall with one hand while trying to move the drill press with the other. Bad words were said. Temper flared. I had to put the cabinet down and move it out of the way to get it installed, and it was as big of a pain as it always was.

Now I had a bigger problem – because the drill press didn’t fit under the cabinet, it had to come out into the field further. This wouldn’t really work. Even putting the jointer behind the drill press and bandsaw, it just wasn’t going to work. Having been thoroughly exhausted by the process of hanging that turd of a cabinet, I had the idea to do even more manual labor by moving the lathe under the cabinet. My thought process was that if I couldn’t really do anything under the cabinet, I might as well put something under there that would fit the space better – I don’t have to move the lathe like I would the jointer. It was worth a shot, anyway.

So, everything in the shop except for the table saw moved to the back of the shop (saw was already outside) and I dragged the lathe over. Then, without a better option, I put the bandsaw in front of the lathe on the far right side at the door frame, and the drill press at the far left side of the lathe. This placement would allow me to use almost all the aspects of the lathe without moving either of the tools, plus allow access to that cabinet. Even better, the separator would fit between the DP and BS. The router table and table saw went back into their former positions.

Now, this obviously presents a problem when you want to turn, but I do it so infrequently I don’t consider it a big deal. Take tonight, for instance. My daughter came out to finish up her present, so what I did was roll the router table over to in front of the workbench, and fold up the table saw and roll it out of the way, then move the separator. No biggie, and it all went back after we did our turning, sanding and finishing. So, I think this will work okay. It also gives me better access to both the drill press and band saw than previously. The jointer went back under the wood rack, where I can get at it rather easily. Lately I’ve used the lathe about as much as the jointer, but that will be changing shortly. I’ll have to switch the orientation again on the HTC mobile base so that I can pull the jointer straight out for use.

I ended up having a ton of heavy plywood sheet scrap behind the drill press that I haven’t yet found a new home for. I can only do so much in one day, naturally. I also didn’t get around to making the clamp racks like I thought I might, nor trying out my new router bits. It happens. The shop is mostly back to a state like it was before I started all this, with the bonus that I finally removed the old hollow core door that had been sitting on my workbench forever. I’m pretty sure I had been using it as a way to use the workbench as an outfeed and raise the surface up to the table saw. Keep in mind I haven’t done that in well over a year or more. So, it’s outside ready to cut up like a few more things. I’ll see about addressing that tomorrow, as I can work outside without worrying about waking anyone up. No promises.

To cap off the evening, I found a great deal on the large Centipede sawhorse at Lowe’s for $50. This will really come in handy for using the track saw to break down sheet goods. If I decide to go ahead and build the new shop platform, that’s a nice flat place to set it up.

That’s it for a very long Saturday. My plans for Sunday might include looking at making a clamp rack. Or maybe even a drill press table. I have no idea. There’s some tweaking of the back wall I need to do at some point now that some stuff has moved around. Tomorrow might just be a slow day, who knows. I have a short paper to write for school, but something I could probably do in about an hour.

Posting now, might add some pictures later. Or post them tomorrow when things are back to normal.

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