We’re back in hardware mode

“Get ready for a major remodel fellas.”

That was the case with Tony Stark at his mansion, but not so much with me. There’s only so much I can do and change in my shop, and I’m here to make improvements both big and small.

Let’s start with some small stuff first. The last big update I had was that I purchased a new bandsaw (replacement), and a drum sander (addition). Now, I have talked ad naseum about how small my shop is and the inability to move around a ton. I tried to mitigate this a bit by putting the planer under the drum sander. Unfortunately, while the footprint is about the same, it didn’t really work. The fold down tables on the sander really interfere with operation of the planer, even when up. A new stand would fix some of it, but not enough to make it work. The drum sander tables would have to stay open all the time, and that’s 45 inches long and almost as wide. So, I have to find something else to sit under the drum sander. The planer went back to the flip cart, except this time I cut it nearly in half by height and it is just sitting on it for now.

At this point, I decided to look around the shop and see what my options were. I had a couple smaller projects on my to do list, so I took the opportunity. First up was finding a new home for my Kreg jig. I had entertained getting one of their cases, but this was extremely bulky. Instead of hanging it on the wall behind my miter saw, I thought that one of the small shelves I was building for the MFT would work. Then I thought, why not make the jig a shelf? I made some for my sandpaper anyway, so it was easy to reproduce.

I cut the shelf to size, then marked for 20mm holes to secure to the MFT. I messed up a bit on one side by drilling skewed, so I chucked the bit in the drill press and did again. This time, the fit was great. If I ever get the systainer with the MFT top, this will work there as well.

I also picked up a set of Veritas spokeshaves, something I’ve been wanting for a very long time. As such, I had to make more progress on my hanging tool cabinet for a safe parking spot.

I need to make the inner door and shelves for the left outer door,  make tool holders, finish the plane till, and fill out the bottom portion. Getting closer.

All of this is an attempt to be more efficient and be bigger and better. I still have more things I want to take care of, and I think what I’ll do here is save this for a later post, perhaps the next one.


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