What a mess, part II

I left off Friday with the shop a disaster, in the midst of making the right side cabinet. I was able to make some really good progress on that project and getting the shop back in order.

I had the remaining vertical section of the cabinet cut and ready, but I needed to cut the upper surface and the bottom shelf of the cabinet to get it assembled. I swapped the 40T back in the Craftsman and got those cut to size. I cut out a couple of notches for the countertop stringers. It took some work getting all this together, because these dadoes are tight. Perhaps too tight. But it came together great. Put a 1/4″ ply back, and it took its rightful place on the back wall. I need to place some shims later to get the counter perfect, but I’m waiting until I put a top surface on. With the new counter built, the planer was able to park in its assigned spot, and the scrap bin took the spot in the right front corner for now.

I did some minor cleanup, not enough to get me back to where I was Thursday, but it’s good enough considering what I just accomplished the last two days.

I used my ‘track saw’ and cut some of the 1/2″ ply up for drawers – enough to replace the large 9″ deep drawer for air tools, and one that will fit between the sockets and the sander on the left side. The rest of the drawers (two-three in the right side, perhaps up to one more under the miter saw) will wait until I determine what I actually need in the drawers versus other storage. Right now I have various crap in the smaller drawer I had, and biscuits, the joiner, Dremel and etc in the middle drawer. Still deciding here, but I think I may make some room for the MFN tool and the Dremel. Still no idea what is going in the left side drawer, but more important was the room I had to work with than what needed to go in there. It will adapt.

After we get some of this stuff taken care of we have some accuracy things to deal with. The table saw, specifically the extension table, and the levelness of the counter top. I’ll also pick up another sheet of 1/2″ or 3/4″ for the boards for the modular tool stations.

Really good day (two, actually) in the shop, and a very tiring one. Not sure what I’ll get done tomorrow, but my ideal scenario would be to get both precut drawers done and items in them.

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