What a mess

Had some spare time today, so I went and grabbed a sheet each of 3/4″ and 1/2″ plywood from the yard.

That’s right, the right side of the cabinet is in progress. The cleanliness lasted a whole day.

But the cleanliness sure helped. I was able to get work done efficiently and effortlessly, even though I didn’t get all of it done. I did all my crosscuts with my clamp and my corded circular saw and that part went really fast. I did these right outside the shop on sawhorses. I did the last crosscut on the tablesaw, and finished the rest of the cuts there as well. Having the extended table really helps out, especially the final cuts to get the cabinet sides to length at 35″. I couldn’t do that before.

I swapped the 40T blade for my dado set and ran those before I assembled the section that the miter saw and other tools will have a station at.

I was able to clear the old cabinet and disassemble it, then put the new section in place before I had to adjourn. The sheet of 1/2″ should be enough to make all the drawers for the pure drawer cabinet, plus some for a tool station or two. I’m hoping the cabinet proper will be done tomorrow, but I don’t have the ETA for the drawers.

I’m recycling as much ply as I can from the old cabinet for various parts.

Here’s the miter base ready to go.

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