What had to be done

I had a nice little time in the shop sweating my butt off today. I did some vacuuming, some cleaning, some trash removal. What I did to help the most was finally clear out some scrap. I cleaned up the scrap wall finally, and organized a bit. The newly empty area under the miter saw is temporarily cull storage. This is all the stuff I need to cut down and dispose of. It is completely full. It will take some time, but it is needed. I broke down a couple of old drawers, including one of them which was under the workbench. Now I just have a drawer of hardwood scrap to take care of, plus all the scrap behind the jointer. Among others.

The ant solution seems to largely have worked. I find the occasional one, and I found a dozen or so clustered together on the lathe stand, underneath the old stand parts. Those got the vacuum treatment, then I emptied out the separator. I am still impressed by how little actually gets to the vac.

I’m selling my first ever woodworking tool (I don’t count the Ryobi stuff, as those are more homeowner/carpenter stuff), my little Craftsman router. It’s a 17543, with two bases. A friend of mine is interested, and I think I’m giving him a good deal – the router, plus a bunch of accessories and perhaps some bits I don’t use anymore. I’ve had it for five years, but the time has come to say goodbye. It’s still in great condition, albeit a bit covered in sawdust, sitting under a wing of the table saw. I’ll fire it up in the morning just to make sure, but I don’t have any doubts about it’s worthiness.

I sweat my tail off the last few days when I’ve been out there. It’s been mid-70s to mid-80s in the shop itself, which isn’t fun. The doors have stayed mostly closed to keep the mosquitos at bay. This might finally be the year I pick up a window air conditioner, even though the walls still need repair. Does Amazon sell air conditioners?

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