What now?

The bookcases are purchased, assembled, and filled. With no immediate needs, what do I do now? There is so little needs right now in the house and shop it’s hard to even think about the next project. 

My daughter is requesting a loft bed, taller than she has now, with room for a desk. The one she has now is made from pine 2×6 or so, and it is a good design, what I might do is copy the leg design and just make it taller. It wouldn’t be that difficult. Or I could design something a bit more modern and start from scratch. I’ll have to see what the other one wants, but it will be an improvement over what my son sleeps in. That thing was built to withstand a lot, and cheaply.

Everything else is long term for the house. Some stuff in mind isn’t going to be started this year. As for the shop, it’s quite apparent a new shop will not be started this year. I will keep surviving in what I have, and I may make some modest effort at some fixes. Mainly, the two rotted areas of plywood need attention badly.

On the inside, I’ll continue to tweak the power situation and run wiring how I’d like. I’d like to do some thinking on any additional storage tweaks, but it is so hard wrapping my mind around anything outside the house lately. A trip out to the shop in the afternoon should jog some feelings. I’m keen to do some better storage for my Bosch drivers, perhaps in a drawer. I still haven’t settled on a good comprehensive hardware solution either. Good bit of room in the Fastest bin, and I wouldn’t mind consolidating the rest of my stuff in more. But where would I put something like a four-bin unit? Something for me to consider.

There is always Sketchup to play around with while it is hot.

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