What’s next?

That’s the very question I sit here asking myself now that I’m about two very small steps from my workbench being complete, and attempting to make the space work even better for me. I moved things around to create some open space, however if I add my face vise to the bench it won’t work as well where it is. So, I’m taking that into consideration as I move forward.

The next project for the shop is most likely going to be a lathe stand. I want something that has more weight, and has storage for lathe tools. Space providing, I also want my grinder (or grinders) in a drawer beneath the lathe. My dovetail jig would also like to hang out as well. I know basically what the rough dimensions are, so I have used that in my Sketchup planning. It’s the same height as the metal stand and just a bit deeper at about 18″ at all elevations, where the metal stand slopes like a trapezoid. Building a lathe stand is important to cut down on vibration coming from the lathe, and a sturdy stand will dampen that.

What is unknown is the miter stand and the planer stand. Those two things will set the tone for my workshop basically until I build a new one. The new miter saw stand has to be a bit more compact length-wise, and come out a few more inches width-wise. Do I make the miter saw it’s own unit or just a smaller counter? Mobile or stationary? Really it is more important than the planer. I can put the latter in many more places than the miter saw, and at different heights. Even though I really don’t want to, with how often I use it I have that luxury.

So, it’s all about the miter saw. While I may start collecting materials to build the lathe stand over winter, the miter saw will be an early spring project. Lots of time to agonize over it.

Notice I hadn’t said anything about a router table? I’ve got ideas…

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