Where does the time go?

I looked up, and it was 2013. The month of December was hectic and crazy, and filled with woodworking much to my surprise.

I took on two significant projects last month with hard deadlines, and if you’ve read this blog you know I hate deadlines. I volunteered to help with set production for a church play my kids were in, and during the meeting I instantly had a picture in my mind about how it should look and how it would be constructed. I went with a toy store window look, with a partial roof and a door tie-in. The window frames had a plywood base, and the frames were butt-joined 2x4s. The partial roof was a 2×4 ripped at 30º on the table saw and another piece of ply attached to it. Another church member made the door, and it turned out great. My wife decorated it. I think it turned out very well and everyone was pleased.

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The other project I took on was a Christmas gift from my wife to her mom, a picnic table. I found a nice, simple design that appeared to be well tested, and the link to it will be at the end of this post. I modified the plans slightly by lengthening it about a foot. 9′ boards looked better when I was buying compared to the 8′ boards, and I didn’t feel like ripping wider boards like I did for the workbench. I treated with waterseal, giving me the option of which final finish to put on later. The boards still warped slightly over the course of the month they sat awaiting assembly, but it wasn’t too bad. Having the SCMS for this project was great; I didn’t have to flip the boards over to complete the cuts.

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After completing both projects (aside from assembly on the table), I went nuts and actually took on a third project, shop doors. I got them built, but I haven’t hung them yet due to weather. When I get to the point I can do that, I’ll post the thread.

So, if you were wondering why I hadn’t posted the pictures I promised, that’s why. The shop was too messy and I was too busy.

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