Where does this stuff go?

There’s one house project and two shop projects I have immediately on my radar. My son wants a side table for his sofa under the loft bed, and I’m looking to redo my chaos wall and finally build a tool cabinet. Something that has to be done before the tool cabinet gets started is I have to clean up considerably. Perhaps before any project starts.

Some of this stuff is from the half of the wall cabinet I destroyed. Some is spare plywood. Some are things that have never had a home. I took some pictures this afternoon in order to help me catalog just all the stuff that needs to find a permanent home – either in the shop or in the landfill.

First up is the bench. This is where all the stuff from the cabinet is, plus a couple of things that have never had a home.

There’s a few things I’ve had out to play around with and teach my son how they work, like the holdfast and that small piece of maple. The green bag is an old camera I need to decide if I’m going to keep in the shop. It’s low resolution, and the batteries don’t really take a charge anymore. I need a simple point and shoot if I replace it, so I can take better and more frequent pictures. A remote would be sweet, like I can do with my D5100. There’s quite a few things that need storage solutions, like the stack of cutoff discs, the drill bits (which I just bought a whole new set of), the digital depth gauge, the iron and the many rolls of tape product. Some can temporarily go back in the top of the chaos wall.

There are the blue hardware bins that have to be addressed, which I have a decision to make on – buy one of the solutions that Fastenal sell for them, or do something on my own. Both are a matter of where. There’s also the Incra rules, which I have an idea on but I should really scout around the internet and see what other ideas pop up. I’ll probably do some simple holders with magnets, but will they go in a tool cabinet or elsewhere? There’s quite a few things under the bench top as well, which interferes with use of the holdfasts.

Moving on to next to the bench is even more junk.

The bucket I keep around to see if I’m going to use one of Home Depot’s little vacs on, for the miter saw. If not, it would make for a decent little scrap bin. That’s what the Ryobi bag is, hardwood scrap that will be going in a fire pit this fall. Behind that is the old hardware cabinet filled with the plastic bins. I like the blue metal bins from Fastenal better, and will need to figure out what I do with the bins themselves if I decide to completely move on from them. Also in this cabinet is some sharpening accessories, an old bench grinder, and some miscellaneous stuff. The HCM also sits on top right now, and I’ll need to find a home for it if the cabinet turns to trash. The drawers to the right are the ones under the bench, which are just miscellaneous things. I need a better idea for what I’ll be storing here, if anything different. Perhaps the oscillating sander could fit…

Over between the miter saw and the current chaos wall is this:

I disassembled the big sawblade till, plus some other scrap. The small stuff needs to be cut up and disposed. Perhaps that will be the first order of business, because this is what is to the left of the miter saw:

Sheet scrap of all three thicknesses from the last project. I certainly am not going to waste it if at all possible. The sheet of 3/4″ could be one wall of the new chaos wall, and the 1/2″ can serve as shelves.

The black circle in the picture before that is my shop stool, which is falling apart. I’d like to make something that can also double as storage, but I don’t want to make it too large. It would need to scoot away somewhere out of the way. What would go in there, though? Would it be on wheels?

Last but certainly not least is the area under the MFT.

CT Midi, trash can, bin of drawer slides and other things. This might be the easiest area to take care of, except for the plywood scrap. Also there are two systainers to the other side of the trash can. One empty, one for drills and driver bits.

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