Whichever way the wind blows

Saturday’s very pleasant weather unfortunately turned hot and muggy on Sunday, and I had the pleasure of mowing my grass right in the middle of it. That preceded the storms expected for us today.

In spite of that, I’m hoping to get some shop time in today to formulate a plan for my striking implements. Hammers, as it were. I have a singular rack that isn’t sufficient to hold all the ones I have now, much less any I want to add.

You would consider this a relatively easy project, but it does take some planning to do. I don’t want it taking up the entire length of a wall, for one. I need to plan for what weight it’s going to hold, where it’s going to go, and ultimately how many it’s going to hold. I’m considering mounting it to a large piece of plywood that could eventually serve as the back to a closing cabinet. If I do this I also have to take into account my chisels, rasps, measuring items and anything else I’d want to use. All this, and it not take up an entire wall.

If I get out there I will post up a fresh entry.

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