Whole lot of nothin’

Two days and no shop time. Not that I’ve really minded, I badly needed to clean my car out yesterday and today is a very dreary day. With no projects on deck there’s not much reason to head out there except for some measuring, which I might do in a bit.

I’ve been looking for ideas to store my power tools on the wall and I’ve not had much luck. It seems it’s not a project that’s discussed too often. Or one that pictures aren’t taken too routinely of. It seems like I’m going to be left to my own devices on this project, and to truly do what’s the most efficient storage for the tools instead of any particular design. Some stuff like the air tools, multifunction tool and Dremel will most likely live in drawers. It’s the saws, drills and etc that will be up on the wall.

I keep thinking I may swap the drill press to the opposite wall next to the table saw. I’m still trying to figure out the most efficient use of that corner, of all the possibilities I have: drill press, air compressor, or jointer. What I may have to do is remove all the scrap wood on a nice day and simply move things and see if they work. Sketchup isn’t going to help me much here, because most of my models aren’t to scale.

Another project that’s in the research phase is a new set of doors. The T&G plywood that’s pretty much the entire exterior of the shop has seen better days, with the doors taking the worst of it. Not meant for exterior use, they’ve bowed out and aren’t suitable for storing anything. That’s not to mention the complete lack of protection from animals or cold air. I’ve been looking at different styles of doors and am not close to deciding anything yet. I’d love a single, sliding door, but that’s going to be cost prohibitive. Barn-style doors and hinges are the most likely outcome.

I was able to hit up a refurb tool store about an hour from home and browsed their selection. I was tempted by a few things, but ended up only coming home with a 4v wall stud sensor and an 18v leaf blower. The stud sensor works well enough, and is of the Ryobi Tek series. I have their screwdriver and love it. I also have a electronic lock that I couldn’t care either way for, but buying it netted me a spare battery and charger for less than just a battery. Now I have three chargers, three batteries and three tools for under $70. The leaf blower isn’t at all powerful, at least on wet leaves. I think it will come in handy in the fall when they start falling though, and it’s super light and fairly quiet.

The only thing I did shop-wise in the last few days was I built the beginnings of my air compressor garage. I took some spare 2x4s and cut them to size to make the side support of the garage. The other side will be a wall and a cleat. I didn’t feel like changing out my saw to do dados, so I experimented with my bandsaw to make half-laps. The result was rather good, in that I wasn’t looking for precision. If I was, I would rather have the table saw. But it worked, even with the blade drifting. My shop-made band saw fence is nice, but I think I’ll be buying something at some point for accuracy. Not really worried about it until the riser and a good blade gets purchased.

I am going to go out tomorrow and make a mess, as I want to put my new jigsaw through its paces and make sure it works for me.

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