Winter: Fashionably Late

Yesterday and today were truly the first cold days of the season, as we had 70° days Christmas week. So, while I stay warm inside the house (comparatively, as we set the thermostat fairly low during the winter), I have one of the heaters on in the shop getting it to a reasonable temperature. Reasonable for me in the shop in winter is about 50°. Warmer is nicer, but electric heaters are notoriously inefficient.

It greatly disappoints me that the heater I like the most really doesn’t do much to heat the shop up. It’s a ceramic Craftsman unit that I have mounted to a wall. It puts out a good amount of air, but doesn’t seem to actively heat that much. The one I like less, a plastic Holmes unit that can only sit on a surface, heats wonderfully. It puts out a lot of heat very quickly. I also consider it less safe, and don’t like to leave it plugged in, much less left unattended. That said, it’s the one heating the shop up right now from an indicated 38° inside. I had the Craftsman on yesterday while I returned something to Home Depot, and it warmed the shop up a whole two degrees in an hour. I’m going to see how well the Holmes one works in comparison.

I’d really like to get a ceramic unit that was safe to use while working, that put out a decent amount of heat. I’d love to get one that came on at a certain temperature, so I could at least keep the shop from falling below freezing. Even when it’s below freezing outside, it takes a good five degrees or so over an extended amount of time for the inside of the shop to drop below. What really is awful about the inside of the shop being cold is the metal surfaces. You don’t want to be moving the jointer around when it’s cold.

Summer, of course, brings the challenge of trying to stay cool and avoid getting bit to hell by mosquitoes. I think I actually enjoy winter more.

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