Winter is Coming…again

For those of you with attached shops, I salute you. You have no real issues to speak of with what the winter brings. Not like I do, anyway. Yeah, you might have to bring some finishes or batteries in if it gets really bad, but usually even with a garage some of that heat leaks out there and keeps things from getting too bad.

Me? I have to start bringing stuff into the house for the winter. We’ve had three nights about, or just below freezing, but this coming week should be a bit warmer. The shop is a sieve, but it does manage to stay about 3-5° warmer than outside overnight. At least that’s what my thermostat says, but I don’t know how accurate it is. I need to upgrade. So when it starts to consistently go below freezing, it’s time for some moving. The finishes should probably come in, particularly any water-based ones. The batteries are also going to have to move in, because those can be seriously damaged with cold weather. And they cost more than finishes.

One thing that makes this year different is how much more tech I have out there. The monitor, computer, Echo Dot, BT speaker are all new from last winter, joining the TV and Roku (in place of the Fire stick). I’ll have to consider what of that should also come in. Probably the BT speaker since it has a battery, the rest should be okay.

I never thought, in Georgia, I’d be better prepared for summer weather than winter weather. The addition of the air conditioner changed things though. It never gets hot enough to damage anything in the shop, but it can get cold enough. The cooling effects of the air conditioner are immediate, too. It takes a bit longer to feel more comfortable with the heaters. I may consider an oil-filled unit, but I need to do research.

I guess the best thing about winter is the lack of mosquitoes.

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