Wish list – big stuff

As I think about the things I would like to build in my shop, my thoughts sometimes turn to tools I still want to obtain. Alternately, there are tools that I hpe to one day upgrade to something a little bit nicer.

For a tool I still want to buy, a jointer is at the very top of the list. I’d really like to find a used floor model 6-1/8″ model, such as the Ridgid. It’s the one I can think of right now that has the most reasonable price point. I’d take a table model, but if it’s my money I think I really need the floor model for doing these table tops that I want to. In fact, I think I’m going to only ask for funds to get this for Christmas. I have seen some decent things about the Harbor Freight jointer, but at $400 it’s still a bit too rich. Now if they put it on sale for about $300 and I also use a 20% off coupon, all bets are off.

One other item I’d like to get my hands on is a mortiser. Sure, I could do most of what I want to do with my drill press and chisels, so this is more about convienence than actual need. It will probably be the last major tool I buy for the main reason of it being so superfluous.

As far as upgrading goes, there’s really only one tool I have that I wouldn’t mind getting a better version of: my planer. The little Ryobi AP-1300 does a pretty decent job, and should continue to function well once I dial it back in and change out the knives. But what I really have my eye on is a Dewalt DW735, the cadillac of portable planers. That’s just a wish list item at this point, but it would be a nice upgrade.

Unfortunately at this location I’ll never have true dust collection, due both to space and power issues. The same thing applies to a drum sander and a cabinet table saw. But it is what it is, and I have to deal with it. I can get pretty close on the table saw by adding miter channels and a couple of auxillary tables.

Hopefully I’ll get some fresh pictures taken tomorrow for an up-to-date look at the shop progress. That is, if I can get to the Yard and pick up some maple to get this new project started.

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