Workbench cabinet

I hinted during the course of the Chaos Wall project that I bought enough ply to tackle another project I had wanted to do. Here it is, or at least an update on it in-progress.

I had wanted to give myself a bit more flexibility with storage ideas, and possibly combining tool footprints.  The first thought was to combine the miter saw with something, but to do that I had to move the drawers underneath first. I have a drawer of odds and ends, plus I have the socket set on a flat drawer that I really enjoy. The only thing I don’t enjoy about it in fact is that to open it up, I have to swivel the miter saw handle out of the way.

Enter the workbench cabinet. I cut it out of 1/2″ ply, and had it standing by when the chaos wall was mostly done. I used Dominos to bring it together, and the middle divider is just screwed in, because I don’t quite yet have the grasp of Dominoing (word?) in the middle of a panel yet. I positioned the divider so that it would accept the preexisting miter station drawers, albeit a little bit wider because they stuck where they were.

The rest of the cabinet is TBD at this point. It would be great to put all my hardware (screws, fasteners, etc) in drawers here, because I’ve grown tired of having them in bins that I have to take out and find a bare spot to sit them on. The existing drawer or a new one would be great. I might need two.

This thing was a pain to get installed. I should have allowed a bit more side clearance, as it was very tight up front and too big at the rear. Had to do a bit of work with the router to get enough clearance, but it went in. Barely. I secured it to the workbench with two screws on the front rail. I’ll have to see later how well my height measurement went, because it may be that my holdfasts are a bit too proud. There is a workaround, though.

Regardless of future plans for new shops, etc, this workbench storage will be a great addition. I’ll just have to pare down/find a new home for the scrap I had been storing there.

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