Workbench musing

Another ‘off-topic’ posting about the bench, hope you don’t mind.

I’m two weeks into this project and I have about one more afternoon of heavy lifting, as it were. One more afternoon of hunting and planing. That is, if I don’t see any surprises in the ones I did today. Some bending isn’t too big a concern if it’s along the length of the board.

One more afternoon of hard physical work, then the nervous work begins. I have plenty of material. Will it all match up right? Will the glue gold a nice right joint? Can I get it as smooth as it needs to be?

Once all the rest of the board are dimensioned to the proper specs, then I chose the best 16 boards I have. I’ll glue them up in batches of 4 over the course of this next week. This will put me over my three week goal, but it’s better to take my time with this. The more time I take on the top now, the less I’ll have to do later to true it up. This is the past that scares me.

With the top together sometime next weekend, marking and cutting the mortises will mark the last little bit before I cut the indentation for the end vice and put it all together. It will be about a month from start to finish, but it will have been so worth it. I can hardly wait. I’m almost there.

But not yet.

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