Workflow in the 144

I haven’t done this since I last moved some stuff around, so I thought I’d explain what I have to do for what. I am a bit stalling for time to put out the router table design, but this does serve a purpose too. I need to see my own thoughts on what is going on so I have an opportunity to address anything before I get into building something else.

To use the table saw, there is very little that has to move around. I make sure the vac is attached at the back of the saw, make sure the fence on the router table can clear (and make sure the bit is retracted) and basically go to work. The MFT needs nothing except to be clear enough to work. For right now I grab whatever clamps I need from the wall behind or chaos wall to the left. For the workbench, it needs to be clear. If I need to use the end vise in any large capacity, I may have to start moving things around, namely the drill press. For the router table, sometimes I have to move the front a bit so long stock clears. I also, right now, have to do the same to reach the drawers. Occasionally I’ll have to move it out of the way to be able to plug it in. The vac hose is easily connected. All the Festools are used on the MFT, so nothing major needed, except getting the tools out. Some scrap plywood occasionally gets in the way

Those are the easy bits. Everything else requires a bit of a shuffle. The drill press requires me to roll the router table away. The bandsaw requires that I roll up the table saw. The lathe requires both, as does access to pretty much anything in the cabinet above. The miter saw requires pulling it out to clear the planer. This will be fixed soon, but it is the current state which is the problem. The jointer I haven’t tried yet, but it will involve moving the router table and rolling up the table saw. The air compressor gets rolled outside to help with noise. The planer operates under the same conditions as the jointer, largely. You could probably get away with only moving the router table until a new lower cart is made.

That’s pretty much how my shop works, and one of the big reasons I haven’t upgraded my table saw yet. There’s just nowhere for it to go when I need to use another tool. I don’t have a good solution to fix it, either. I could upgrade my bandsaw, but recent advice on it seems to be that it is doing well and I don’t need to. There’s nothing to upgrade right now for any other big tool, they are all working fine. Even if I dumped the lathe, I just don’t have the room.

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