Yard stuff – 4/5 update

This is a woodworking blog, but most of us also have stuff we have to do around the house. Handyman stuff, and sometimes, turf management. So it is in this post, which you won’t see me venture too far into. I picked up a Scott’s Snap spreader and a couple of bags of product, as Home Depot was having a special that ends today (4/4). Buy two bags, get the spreader free. This could make it as cheap as $26 if you buy two bags of insect control, or $56 if you buy two fertilizer or seed bags. I went middle, bought a insect control and weed n feed for just under $40 out the door.

I’ve never done anything to my grass except mow it up until now, so I’ll have to revisit this topic a few times over the course of the summer and see how the system works. I’ll keep the titles similar so that those who don’t care about it can skip them. I promise it won’t be a lot, and won’t take the place of any planned on-topic posts.

Edit – I got an even better deal later in the day, three bags of seed for $32. Didn’t set out to spend $70 on yard products yesterday, it just kinda happened. I’ll be putting down either the insect stuff or the weed n feed on Thursday, so I’ll let you know how easy it is to do.

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