Yard stuff – 4/6 update

I finally got to try out the Scott’s Snap spreader today, as I put down insect control and Weed n Feed. It was very easy to switch out bags and put the product down. In essence, it’s a fancy fixed rate spreader. The bags could certainly be reused for any product you deem, provided the product is a similar size. Plain fertilizer could certainly go in the empty insect control bag I now have, as I cut it open partially to make sure there weren’t any fancy membranes. There weren’t.

I have to say that this system wouldn’t be at all beneficial to someone with a large yard. The product, expensive already, would be astronomical for a large yard if you didn’t buy cheaper product in bulk. However I had my yard done with both bags of product in under 15 minutes. That’s convenience I enjoy.

I’ll update in May with how well it controlled insects and weeds. Seed planting will be in the fall. Otherwise, it’s back to woodworking.

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